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Most Donald Lab robot movies are now available on our YouTube channel. Some of them are also provided below.

All movies on this site are copyrighted © by The Donald Laboratory at Duke University (1990-2017).

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Donald Lab Graphic 1. Distributed Manipulation with Mobile Robots
(ISRR 1993, IJRR 1997, etc.)
Donald Lab Graphic
Donald Lab Graphic
2. Distributed Manipulation with Mobile Robots, 1990-97
Pusher-steerer, Part 1
Pusher-steerer, The sequel
The Return of Pusher-steerer, Part 3
Donald Lab Graphic 3. Motion Planning
[SIGGRAPH 1990 Video]. This movie is not on YouTube because the music is copyrighted, but you can get it here.
Donald Lab Graphic 4. Beyond 2000: Part I: digitized video clips: Part 1, Part 2
Discovery Channel TV documentary on our robots (1994). The episode was entitled something like "Cooperating Robots of the Future." It aired as Series 10, Show 6, Episode 173
Donald Lab Graphic 5. Beyond 2000: Part II: digitized video clips: Part 1, Part 2
Discovery Channel TV documentary on our robots (1994). See above for details.
Donald Lab Graphic Donald Lab Graphic 6. ICRA 2000: Robot Aerobics. Robot Aerobics Video
Here's the robot aerobics video from ICRA 2000 (10 MB avi). Each robot has 57 DOF. There are 13 robots. So about 741 DOF. An animation trajectory was authored in STRETCHY TUBES mode (See paper), and then a dozen final trajectories were quickly performed in FOLLOW mode. The motions are obviously closely related but there are variations in timing and degree which give the overall animation a pleasingly realistic appearance.
These movies are available in a variety of formats in the robot movie directory.

Some of our videos are copyrighted by the music publisher (because of the music) and therefore are available here, or here, or here. Or Here (Siggraph 1990).

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Papers on Map-Making and Localization, [ICRA 2000]