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  • Best in Show: Using Computation to Design Top Performing HIV Antibodies. Duke Medical School Press Release (2023).
  • How a Duke Professor and Two Duke Ph.D.s are Building an AI Drug Discovery Start-Up. Duke OTC/Duke Capital Partners (2023).
  • Outsmarting Superbugs, One Germ at a Time. Duke Science & Technology (2023).
  • Duke Cancer Institute Press releases.
  • Durham's Ten63 Uses Fast Computing for Drug Discovery. NC Biotechnology Center (2022).
  • Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like an Algorithm. Duke News (2022).
  • Like Looking in a Mirror -- How superbugs use mirror images to create antibiotic resistance, Duke News (2022).
  • TikTok and Math Class, Duke News (2022).
  • Bruce Donald Receives $3M NIH R35 Established Investigator MIRA award (2022).

  • Our paper "RESISTOR: An algorithm for predicting resistance mutations using Pareto optimization over multistate protein design and mutational signatures" (with Nate Guerin and Teresa Kaserer) has been accepted for publication in Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology (RECOMB), San Diego. (May 22-25, 2022). (In Press)

  • Podcast with Bruce Donald (2021): Spotify, Apple Podcast

  • Computational protein design to circumvent antibiotic resistance, The Molecular Model (2020).
  • Check out our Youtube channel on Osprey.
  • Duke Start-Ups and Ten63 Therapeutics (2020).
  • Designer Proteins: Donald Lab algorithms design a protein to probe cancer signaling. Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology (2020).
  • Drug Resistance (2019).
  • Carbon Nanotube Harpoon Catches Individual Brain Cell Signals.
  • Protein Design by Provable Algorithms (Comm. ACM, 2019).

    Donald Lab Visual
    Donald Lab Visual


    Selected articles about the Donald Lab (1993-2006)