Symbolic and Numerical Computation for Artificial Intelligence

B. R. Donald, D. Kapur, and J. Mundy.
Academic Press, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, (London: 1992) 369 pp.

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Cover, Table of Contents, Preface, and Introduction
Bruce R. Donald, D. Kapur and J. L. Mundy

Chapter 1
Polynomial Continuation and its Relationship to the Symbolic Reduction of Polynomial Systems
Alexander P. Morgan

Chapter 2
Elimination Methods: an Introduction
Deepak Kapur and Yagiti N. Kakshman

Chapter 3
On the Solutions of a Set of Polynomial Equations
Philip S. Milne

Chapter 4
Quantifier Elimination for Conjunctions of Linear Constraints via a Convex Hull Algorithm
Catherine Lassez and Jean-Louis Lassez

Chapter 5
Elimination Theory and Computer Vision: Recognition and Positioning of Curved 3D Objects from Range, Intensity, or Contours
Jean Ponce and David J. Kriegman

Chapter 6
2D and 3D Object Recognition and Positioning with Algebraic Invariants and Covariants
Gabriel Taubin and David B. Cooper

Chapter 7
Applications of Invariant Theory in Computer Vision
David Forsyth, Joseph L. Mundy, Andrew Zisserman and Charles Rothwell

Chapter 8
Distance Metrics for Comparing Shapes in the Plane
Daniel P. Huttenlocher and Klara Kedem

Chapter 9
A Mathematical Framework for Combinatorial/Structural Analysis of Linear Dynamical Systems by Means of Matroids
Kazuo Murota

Chapter 10
Symbolic Methdos for the Simulation of Planar Mechanical Systems in Design
Bruce R. Donald and Dinesh K. Pai

Chapter 11
Basic Requirements for the Automatic Generation of FORTRAN code
Stanly Steinberg

Chapter 12
Symbolic and Parallel Adaptive Methods for Partial Differential Equations
Joseph E. Flaherty, Messaoud Benantar, Rupak Biswas and Peter K. Moore

Chapter 13
An Interactive Symbolic-Numeric Interface to Parallel ELLPACK for Building General PDE Solvers
Sanjiva Wee'rawarana, Elias N. Houstis and John R. Rice

Chapter 14
Symbolic/Numeric Techniques in Modeling and Simulation
Richard Zippel

Chapter 15
Symbolic and Numeric Computation: the Example of IRENA
James H. Davenport, Michael C. Dewar and Michael G. Richardson